Barrel Roll





Each project always starts with diving into the inspiration image lockers I keep. I save these images as I crawl throughout the web, picking as I go what catches my eye for no reason in particular. In this instance, this project, made in 2016, is inspired by images that I saved a while ago, some as far back as 2003.


Font Choice

We chose an open source version of a font to help a customer base with Dyslexia called OpenDyslexic. The chose was as much aesthetic as it was practical. As noted in a New York Times article "Although people with dyslexia are found in every profession, including law, medicine and science, observers have long noted that they populate fields like art and design in unusually high numbers.

The co-founders reasoned if their core audience had a high chance of being dyslexic, it would be not only be a strong brand decision, but a rallying point behind the business idea on top of conscious user experience design.


Early Stages

Originally Barrel Roll was to be a desktop app, but it was ultimately ruled the co-founders would learn to code an IOS app and keep things simple that way.



It finally came to a point where before we designed-in browser again, we'd need to know what each page was going to look like. We decided to go old-school and draw everything out.



Ultimately this led to a very quick iteration of wireframes in Illustrator. These were used in several pitch decks in order to generate interest for the initial seed round of funding for the startup.